Risk Management

If there’s one thing certain about life, it’s the uncertainty that life brings. The best laid plans can sometimes come to naught! While you can strive your best to plan wisely and thoroughly, you can also hedge your bets against the unintended through prudent risk management strategies.

Good planning helps you identify and plan for all the risks involved in every aspect of your financial life. While some risks can be handled by repurposing certain established financial assets, other risks may need to be transferred to an insurance company. Thoughtful insurance planning helps mitigate the risks you cannot foresee, or those that you are unable to plan around!

What We Can Do For You

They say that some things are better to have BEFORE the need is felt – even if they are NEVER used. Insurance is one of those things. Rather than seeing insurance as an “expense”, most people experience it as peace of mind.

Our risk management service covers:

  • Comprehensive Review: We will examine what areas of your finances and personal goals are at risk, and review existing plans, if you have them, to ensure they continue to fit your needs. We then advise and guide you on which risk areas you are most exposed to and suggest the appropriate actions to take.
  • Home, Car and other asset insurance: It is our belief that you shouldn’t over-insure, but you should never un-insure or under-insure either. The type (and value) of your home, car and other assets will determine what insurance, and how much of it, you should obtain.
  • Death-event security: If you have people that depend upon you being around for many years to come, like your spouse/partner, minor children, aged parents, we’ll advise on what life insurance policies best suit your needs and budget.
  • Disability and long-term care protection: Accidents, at home, at work, during your commute, can leave you severely disabled and financially stressed. As can debilitating illness! We’ll help you insure against such unexpected turn of events. This includes taking a close look at what employee benefits you have in these areas. 
  • Insuring estate and succession plans: When structured correctly, insurance can be a great estate planning tool as well, especially when your estate has a large amount of illiquid assets such as businesses or real estate holdings. Partners in business may also use insurance policies as a great financial tool to aid in succession planning.